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How to Choose the Right Soy Milk

CHOOSE UNSWEETENED VARIETIES Soy milk can contain high levels of sugar, especially the flavoured varieties, which can contain up to 1 tablespoon per serving. Choose milk that has 4.5g or less sugar per serving. Sugar may be listed under different names, including maltodextrin, cane sugar, and syrups!

WATCH OUT FOR VEGETABLE OILS Most plant-based milks contain vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and canola oil. which can be extremely inflammatory for the body, increasing risks of developing conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer's.

FIND A LOW-SODIUM OPTION Many soy milks contain high quantities of added sodium. Look for an option that as less than 100mg of sodium per serving. Make sure to be careful when reading labels as "natural flavours" can include various additives such as MSG and artificial sweeteners.

SOY IS HIGHLY GMO Soy is a highly genetically modified crop, which allows farmers to use large amounts of herbicide. This increases the toxic profile, which is consumed by us! Additionally, thickeners and gums such as carrageenan (food additive 407) can cause inflammation, and symptoms associated irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and irritable bowel disease (IBD).


• Pure Harvest Organic Soy Milk • Vitasoy protein plus unsweetened soy milk • Vitasoy prebiotic soy milk • Vitasoy +protein Unsweetened Milk • Bonsoy

If you would still like to consume almond and oat milk, you can still use the tips listed above to find a suitable choice. My suggestions would be

• Pure Harvest Organic Oat Milk • Oat Milk Goodness

• Pure Harvest organic activated almond milk (unsweetened) • Inside out unsweetened almond milk • Almo unsweetened almond milk

• Pacific foods organic unsweetened almond milk

• Nature's own organic unsweetened almond milk

How to Choose the Right Soy Milk
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