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Pamela 16/10/2022
I have had several consultations with Marli for treatment of fatty liver and weight loss. Marli was very thorough in finding out about my lifestyle and dietary habits and then recommended a moderate increase in weekly exercise and customised an eating plan. Relevant information on the effect of food types on the body was given. I really liked the healthy but delicious recipes Marli provided which the whole family also enjoyed. I found Marli very professional and comfortable to talk to, and she provided suggestions and positive encouragement when I found it hard to stop bad eating habits. Really happy when I received blood tests after Marli’s consultation which showed my fatty liver was at an acceptable level. I was also happy with my weight loss and smaller waistline. Thank you very much Marli I feel much healthier. I would happily recommend Marli for nutrition consultation.

Rebecca 16/10/2022
I had several consultations with Marli for nosebleeds, fatty liver, weight loss and overall health improvement. Her friendly, patient and understanding personality immediately made me feel at ease. Marli provided an extremely personalised lifestyle plan. You can tell that she invests a lot of time and care to prepare a treatment plan for her clients, including easy to follow tips and guidance and delicious recipes. She has fixed my nosebleed issue, and equipped me with simple and practical lifestyle advice.

Chloe 25/10/2022
I could not recommend Marli enough. Marli supported me with concerns around my health, fitness and diet after having my first baby. She was warm, empathetic and non-judgmental and throughout our sessions she shared with me her wealth of knowledge and always worked collaboratively with me to achieve my desired outcomes and goals. I loved how encouraging and motivating she was but also how she was able to normalise things and share in my excitement as I made positive changes. The whole experience felt holistic and easy. To this day, I still have Marli’s recommendations incorporated into my daily practice/routine. Marli is highly skilled and passionate, if you are lucky enough to be her client, you won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth 11/01/2023
I was fortunate to book in with Marli early in my pregnancy with my second baby. As I was breastfeeding still,  I was feeling quite depleted, and thankfully Marli was able to provide me with a care plan catered specifically to my needs! She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and her help and expertise helped me to have a much easier and more manageable pregnancy. I'd highly recommend Marli and will be a returning client for sure!

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